Urban Heat Island Issues

Some thoughts on global temperature (Walter Starck)

1. The Urban Heat Island effect is always a positive one.
2. The UHI effect varies greatly between stations and over time depending on the urban location, nature of local development and wind patterns.
3. The highly variable nature of UHI makes any attempt to accurately compensate for it extremely dubious.
4. Large numbers of rural temperature records show little or no trend over the past century and many even show a decrease.
5. There has been a very large decline in the number of rural weather stations over the past two decades.
6. The 0.6 C increase claimed over the past century would seem to be well within the bounds of the UHI influence and increasing elimination of rural readings.
7. If an increased GH effect is real it should be be having an effect everywhere including small oceanic islands where there are no local land use influences.

There are a number of such island weather stations and it would not require a large number of such records to determine if a widespread trend does or does not exist.


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This page updated or reviewed in April 2010