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Dear Mr. Everett, Your climatecooling site is terrific, full of relevant information helping to counter claims by global warming alarmists.

Walter Starck
Gary, Thanks for that. Everett's site is excellent.  Walter

Gary Sharp,  Center for Climate/Ocean Resources Study
I have been associated for several decades with John Everett -  a PhD about the same time as your own -   So Start Here: And Continue here: Then THINK - GLOBAL messaging! With FACTS instead of MUDDLING - Multi-Dimensional - (Not Only two Nobs) -  Etch-A-Sketch

February 29, 2008, "Greg XXXX" <> wrote:
Thanks for trying to do something about this propaganda which will have the effect of socialism and deprivation of individual freedoms. Keep it up.

Saturday December 22, 2007, 2:00 pm
A really good site I hadn't seen before. Its companion site on Global Cooling looks very good too. Thanks, Robin

August 30, 2007
And here is a site by Dr. John T. Everett who appeared before a congressional hearing on climate change on April 17, 2007. I suppose he doesn't count either. Take a took at his well thought-out site, IF YOU DARE. One of the comments he makes, and which I have mentioned in the past (obviously ignored or not recalled for convenience) is the simple fact that in a lot of the global warming balderdash being spouted, neither astronomers nor geologists are given a forum, and those are two of the important groups that not only reveal the history of the earth's climate and the cycles, but also have insight into what is happening with other planets. But I guess they don't count either in the "global warming religious fervor". Anyhow, for a balanced view, take a took at what Dr. Everett testified before congress:

      Of course, we already know that nothing anyone says will change minds since the global warming fundamentalists are determined to enjoy their fear mongering. Sometimes I swear I do believe they invent problems just so they can always be on edge. It's sort of like being addicted to an adrenaline rush.

August 30, 2007
…. maybe this will make it less complex for you. Same man in a short interview:
I think what amazes me the most is that "global warming" nuts believe an Algore or a Michael Moore, and refuse to believe someone like this man who was ASKED to testify before Congress and has the necessary background to speak intelligently on the subject. Actually, you and I could probably sit down and go through his previous article paragraph by paragraph and I could show you where you are drawing incorrect conclusions from what he said. Just one example: "Then he goes on to recommend reasonable things to do, like renewable energy, efficiency, etc. even though he seems to claim humans aren't responsible for the problem? Good ideas for how we should respond, but he has a confounding and contradictory reasoning process." There is nothing confounding or contradictory about his reasoning process. What he is saying is that good housekeeping is important no matter what the climate does, but that global warming is an INEXACT SCIENCE with many unknown factors involved and that THERE IS NO CONSENSUS, even though each side is sincere. That's not too hard for people like you to understand is it? So what some of us are saying is that THERE IS NO CONSENSUS and the jury is still out on the subject, and therefore no reason to make any sort of legislation and take away hard-earned freedoms on "iffy" evidence. I understand that all you lefties would like nothing better than to take away our personal freedoms (at least a whole lot of them), and so the snow job about global warming is going full steam. It's called PROPAGANDA!!!




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