Trends in Atmospheric CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
Mauna Loa and Surface Stations
(Source: NOAA's Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL)

CO2 continues rise to 0.000404 in February 2016. Scroll down to see the data from the network of observing stations or see the full data record at Mauna Loa. The meaning of this information (and the future of all climate models based on it) became VERY cloudy on 31 December 2009 with the ScienceNews acknowledgment of work by Wolfgang Knorr that shows "No Rise of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Fraction in Past 160 Years"

(Chart Source: NOAA's Earth Systems Research Laboratory (ESRL)

Analysis: CO2 continues to rise, but it is a very small part of the atmosphere at only 0.000387 globally. Argon is 30 times more abundant. For several years, we have conducted an informal poll, asking what percent of the atmosphere is CO2? No one has ever guessed at lower than 5% and the highest has been 60%, and nearly everyone of these people have been highly educated, concerned citizens. One has to wonder why people are not told the proportion of CO2 of concern. It is likely because a doubling to 0.07% would not seem very impressive.

Our view is that the sun is probably the big gorilla in the room, just like the furnace in your home. This does not mean it is OK to foul our nest through polluting the environment with soot and hazardous chemicals.


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Last reviewed or updated in April 2016